The Alagna Alpine Guides Group is a reality present on the Valsesian’s territory for already several years.
Among its main tasks is to promote proper attendance of the mountain and to offer to tourists the opportunity to discover the Valsesian mountains through the professionalism of its mountain guides.
In recent years the Alagna Alpine Guides Group, together with the association “Friends of the Guides” has carried out some noteworthy projects that have served to boost the local tourism offer and to raise awareness of Alagna and the Valsesia to the general public.


We are a group of young mountain guides who share a great passion for the work we have chosen and do every day with great enthusiasm.
To be mountain guides is for us a privilege, an honor and a pleasure before a job, and that’s what our customers capture and appreciate at their first meeting. We know and appreciate every day the beauty and secrets of the territory where we live, but every mountain, valley or creek is to us like an open book, to be read in silence, wearing long in the heart. The mountains and nature are a pleasure that we savor it during our free time, always looking for new emotions to try and subsequently to propose.
We live our role in harmony with nature and with the people around us, without unnecessary grandstandings, seeking rather to transmit our knowledge, and while providing the necessary tools so that our customers can deal with their own forces the approach to the world mountain. We pass security and confidence, but do not forget, however, to instill in the minds the due respect for the mountains and the balances that govern, for centuries, the existence.
It’s the deep awareness of our close relationship with the mountains and especially with our territory, that influenced our choices in life: we give it willingly to ease citizens to experience first hand the mountain, protecting their unique aspects, while encouraging the harmonious development.
Each of us has specific skills borrowed from their passions as well as from past experience: without prejudice to the basic training certified by the National College of Alpine Guides, which we all share, we range from the free-climbing experts with numerous non-European experiences, instructors to canyoning; by naturalists fans to extreme skiers; by renowned mountaineers technicians to snow science and glaciology. We hold these our differences one of the essential aspects of our school and we are confident in this way to offer at all times the best answer to your desire for adventure, no matter how special it is.
Our time-tested versatility sees there also available for high-exposure activities such putting in safe a rock face, inspections, support for heli-transport activities.


For several years there was the idea of building a via ferata (iron road) on this rocky crest above the Bocchetta delle Pisse station; an equipped path that would allow to travel this not so frequented ridge and would an exceptional view of Mount Rosa.
Thanks to the various lenders who believed in the project, the works have started in spring 2002 and they’ve ended in July the same year.
Its construction has involved the Alpine guides for several days, with good and bad weather in order to deliver the work on time for the summer season; with them have engaged some of the local mountain rescue volunteers and members of SAGF Riva Valdobbia.
Since then the via ferrata is crossed every year by hundreds of fans who may well appreciate a well equipped route, in some exciting and non-trivial features. Along the way is not uncommon to find some group of ibex, sometimes the eagle peeps and being careful here and there you can see the edelweiss … we said see !! On everything and everyone stands the Valsesian slope of Mount Rosa.
The Via Ferrata has been dedicated to the late Emilio De Tomasi, great Monte Rosa Guide, died a short time before the beginning of the works and one of the supporters of such a path.


Everything is born of a chat between ‘Lungu’ and a loyal customer that during a trip to Monte Rosa was struck by the amount of rubble and garbage there were the area around Indren.
But why do not try to set up an operation to fix this mess ?!
Said and done; Lungo is not one of those who draw back in front of these proposals!
There were many doors to which you went to knock on to get economic aid (and fortunately almost all have joined willingly in this initiative) and many were volunteers who have pulled up their sleeves and participated in the open days in all that we organized at end of season 2002, 2003 and 2004. Armed with bags and gloves hundreds of people have been given to do to collect any type of garbage or waste on the Indren glacier, under the rocks of Gnifetti and Mantova’s trails, along the Olen valley and around Bocchetta delle Pisse.
Hand in hand, then continued the most challenging part of the operation which saw the guides of Alagna that in the period of three seasons have brought downstream ferrous material (mainly pylons and cables of the old lifts), timber, waste of various kinds, for a total of over 900 tons.
At the time we had to stop for lack of funds operations, but we are ready to go as soon as we will find someone willing to help us!

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Who attends Alagna for several years certainly remembers the wooden climbing gym that was the beginning of the country.
It was built in 1988 and already entitled Joccu Chiara. Many young climbers had a great time and had spent whole afternoons on the streets especially with the guide Sergio Gabbio.
Unfortunately the weather and the years had made the wooden structure unsafe and therefore was with regret that we decided to dismantle it in 2006.
It was necessary to find a replacement, but instead of building a new artificial structure it was decided to equip the stone situated in the hamlet Resiga and known to all as Pulverstein.
We fixed the surrounding soil, clean the stone from moss and lichen and we equipped it with stops and stainless steel bolts plus some artificial grips on the smooth parts. The inauguration was made to coincide with our celebration of the guides in 2007 and since then the children of Alagna and the tourists have a new place to try their hand at climbing fun.

2006 Paralympic Torch

Year 2006, Turin is the capital of the Winter Olympic Games and the subsequent Paralympic Games.
Why not carry the Paralympic torch on the summit of Monte Rosa, the highest elevation of the Piemonte region?
At the College of Piemonte Alpine Guides arrives the request from the organizers and starts the whole series of operations to organize the event. The Alagna Alpine Guides Group, as the group present in the area, was involved in this project.
It was drafted a broad agenda that includes the arrival of the torch in Alagna, a small parade through the streets of the country and then the climb to the summit of Monte Rosa, with a stop for the night at the Vigevano refuge.
The torch relay, it was decided to be carried by disable athletes starting directly from the country trying to reach the highest point possible.
The first day of the torchbearers are Lele and Oliviero, who carried the Olympic flame in Pianalunga, along the ski slope incited by tourists and sympathizers come here for the occasion.
On the second day, unfortunately the strong wind made us change the initial program and we have to opt for the ascent to the simpler Corno del Camoscio (Horn of Suede), top of 3000 meters which offers a magnificent view of Mount Rosa.
The two torchbearers have managed to get the Olympic flame on a tip of the Monte Rosa, using only their own forces in the purest Olympic spirit.

Anno 2006, Torino è la capitale dei giochi olimpici invernali e dei successivi giochi paralimpici.
Perchè non portare la fiaccola paralimpica in vetta al Monte Rosa, massima elevazione della regione Piemonte?
Al Collegio delle Guide Piemontesi arriva la richiesta da parte degli organizzatori e comincia tutta la serie di operazioni per organizzare l’evento. Come gruppo di zona, naturalmente viene messo in gioco il Corpo Guide Alagna.
Viene stilato un programma di massima che prevede l’arrivo della fiaccola in Alagna, una piccola sfilata tra le vie del paese e in seguito la salita verso la vetta del Monte Rosa, con la sosta per la notte al Rif. Vigevano.
La fiaccola, è deciso che a portarla saranno atleti diversamente abiliche partendo direttamente dal paese e a staffetta si faranno carico di farla giungere il piu’ in alto possibile.
Il primo giorno i tedofori sono Lele e Oliviero, che porteranno la fiamma olimpica a Pianalunga, lungo la pista da sci incitati dai turisti e simpatizzanti giunti qui per l’occasione.
Il secondo giorno, purtroppo il forte vento ci farà cambiare il programma iniziale e dovremo optare per la salita al più semplice Corno del Camoscio, cima di 3000 metri da cui si gode un magnifico panorama sul Monte Rosa.
I due tedofori sono riusciti a far arrivare la fiamma olimpica su una punta del Monte Rosa, facendo ricorso unicamente alle loro proprie forze nel più puro spirito Olimpico.


The project ‘Paradice’has enabled the creation of an equipped area for ice climbing, the site chosen is in the area of the Otro waterfall at the Resiga hamlet of Alagna, a narrow gorge crowned by high cliffs. With the intervention of the Alagna guides you can take advantage of the single pitch anchors arranged on ice and abseiling. It is always recommended great care and a careful assessment of weather-climatic conditions that can change every day.


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